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Yoga Poses For Kids

We will mention in this article some yoga poses that are common but can be done by both adults and kids. There poses are often selected for children because they’re generally safe, easy to understand, and can be related to fun stories or visualizations that children enjoy (like standing tall as a mountain, or flapping wings like a butterfly).

Let’s see these 5 Yoga poses :

Best 5 Yoga Poses For Kids

Pose 1. Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Mountain Pic

This pose represents a tall, majestic mountain. Ask your child to stand tall, feet hip-width apart, with arms hanging naturally by the sides. Shoulders should be relaxed, and the gaze straight ahead. As he breathes in and out deeply, ask him to imagine being a strong, unshakeable mountain, feeling the cool breeze at the summit, and overlooking a beautiful forest below.

Pose 2. Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)


Transform from a mountain into a tree! Have your child shift his weight onto one foot, lift the other foot and place it against the inside of his ankle, calf, or thigh. Like a tree, he should feel rooted into the ground but flexible enough to sway gently in the wind. His arms can extend upwards, reaching for the sun like branches. Remind him that just like trees, he is helping to keep the earth healthy and clean.

Pose 3. Butterfly Pose (Baddha Konasana)


It’s time to be a colorful butterfly! Have your child sit on the floor, bringing the soles of his feet together. His knees should be bent out to the sides, creating the image of butterfly wings. As hi gently flap his “wings,” you can ask him to imagine he is fluttering around a beautiful garden, exploring all kinds of flowers.

Pose 4. Child’s Pose (Balasana)


Now it’s time to become a tiny seed nestled in the ground. Your child should kneel on the floor, sitting back on his heels. He then bend forward, stretching His arms in front of him and resting his forehead on the floor. As he rest in this pose, he can imagine himself as a seed that is just about to sprout, full of potential and the promise of growth.

Pose 5. Corpse Pose (Savasana)

corpse pose

Finally, your child can become a fluffy cloud floating in the sky. He should lie flat on his back, arms and legs relaxed, eyes closed. As he lie still and breathe, he can imagine himself as a cloud drifting peacefully across the sky, feeling the sun’s warmth and the gentle breezing moving him along.

Wrap it all

These visualizations can help kids engage with each pose, and also stimulate their creativity and sense of wonder. Yoga for kids is all about making the practice fun and engaging, and less about the technical precision that might be emphasized in an adult class.

The poses should be adaptable to their abilities. As such, many traditional yoga poses can be adapted for children, and new ones can be created just for him.

For example, “Lion Pose” where kid kneels, then open his mouth wide and stick out his tongue to roar like a lion, can be a fun pose that may not be commonly used in adult yoga classes but is great for children.

Remember, the primary goal for children doing yoga isn’t just physical fitness. It’s also about developing self-awareness, mindfulness, and stress management skills that can benefit him in many aspects of life.