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How To explain Sphinx Yoga Pose for kids ?

a girl doing the sphinx yoga pose

Dear parents, teaching kids about the Sphinx Yoga Pose doesn’t have to be complicated! Think of it as an exciting way to introduce them to the world of yoga. This simple guide will help you explain the pose in terms that children can understand.

a girl doing the sphinx yoga pose

First, let’s start with the name. ‘Sphinx’ is an ancient Egyptian statue that has the body of a lion and the head of a person. Kids often love stories and visuals, so you might tell them to imagine they are turning their bodies into a majestic Sphinx statue. And, for a little variation, you can refer to it as the ‘Desert Guardian Pose’ โ€“ which sounds adventurous and fun!

Now, for the pose:

  • Ask them to lie down on their tummy, with legs stretched out and toes pointing behind them.
  • They should place their elbows under their shoulders and press their palms down beside their head. Their forearms will be on the floor.
  • Encourage them to lift their chest up, but keep their belly and legs on the floor. Their back will have a gentle curve, just like the Sphinx statue!
  • Remind them to keep their gaze forward and to breathe deeply. This helps to relax and enjoy the pose.

While they maintain the Sphinx or Desert Guardian Pose, you can share with them that it helps to strengthen their spine, and it’s like giving a gentle stretch to their tummy. Plus, it can make them feel strong and confident, just like the powerful Sphinx of ancient times.

With a little imagination and clear, simple instructions, your child can easily grasp and enjoy the Sphinx Yoga Pose. Happy practicing!