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How To explain Puppy Yoga Pose for kids ?

a kid with dog trying to do puppy pose

Introducing yoga to your children can be a rewarding experience, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky to explain certain poses in a way they’ll understand. The Puppy Pose, or Uttana Shishosana, is one such pose. But don’t worry! Here’s a simple way to help your little ones understand and enjoy this beneficial pose.

a kid with dog trying to do puppy pose

How To Explain Puppy Pose for Kids

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Animal Connection: Begin by telling your child that the pose is named after a playful puppy. Ask them to imagine they’re a young dog stretching after a nap. Kids love animals, and this connection can make the pose more relatable for them.
  2. Starting Point: Ask your child to get on their hands and knees, like a crawling baby or a four-legged friend. Make sure their hands are under their shoulders and knees are under their hips.
  3. Stretching Out: Instruct them to slowly walk their hands forward, just a little bit, while keeping their hips right above their knees.
  4. Head Down: Tell them to lower their forehead to the ground, like they’re listening to the earth’s heartbeat.
  5. Feeling the Stretch: Ask them to take a deep breath and feel the stretch in their back and shoulders. It’s like giving their back a gentle morning stretch!

Tips for Parents:

  • Make it Fun: Use a soft toy or a plush puppy to demonstrate the pose. Let your child follow along with the toy.
  • Stay Positive: Praise your child for their effort, even if they don’t get it perfect. The idea is to make the experience enjoyable.
  • Safety First: Make sure there’s a soft surface like a yoga mat or carpet beneath them to prevent any injury.

Remember, the aim is to help your child connect with the Puppy Pose in a fun, engaging way. With these simple steps, your child will soon master this pose and perhaps even look forward to it as their favorite part of their yoga routine. And who knows, you might find the “Melting Heart Pose” variation becoming a cherished bonding moment between you two!